Join the pledge #PublicCervixAnnouncement

We have a Public Cervix Announcement 

Luna Daily needs your help to make cervical screening a priority for all who need them this September for Gynae Cancer Awareness Month


Cervical cancer is the #1 cancer in women under 35 years old

1 in 3 women due for their cervical screening have not gone (a leading reason being embarrassment and work commitments)

99.6% of cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening (smear tests)*

Cervical cancer symptoms:

Almost 90% of women would be more inclined to book them if they were granted time off by their employer 

How can you help drive meaningful change?

Create awareness in the workplace or your social and community groups

If you are a brand or organisation, allow time of for those who need them to get them (as part of a standard doctors appointment)

Raise funds for our gynae cancer charity partner The Lady Garden

Join this important mission and be part of a collective of brands making a big impact.

With your help we can drastically improve the rates of cervical screening and save women lives

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Team Luna Daily

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