Postpartum: Honest Conversations About Everyone’s Experiences

Rose’s Experience

It’s an amazing feeling being able to bring new life into the world. As someone who is currently pregnant with their second child, I’ve noticed much of what I’ve picked up on the way isn’t always spoken about to new mothers, or between friends. And whilst it’s a truly magical moment meeting your baby for the first time, this new chapter can be challenging. As a friend of a new mother, or if you’re expecting to become one yourself, being aware of potential changes helps us all to take care of ourselves and others better.

A New Body

The physical experience of giving birth is huge, and some women will experience postpartum bleeding, soreness from stitches and/or breast engorgement. Sometimes, simply the duration of postpartum recovery can be frustrating: it’s important to be patient, without feeling the need to rush the body. I’ve found dedicated self-care time has been really helpful. I’ve been using The Everything Oil, clinically proven* to help with scars, stretch marks, dry skin and redness. It can be used all over your body, including intimate areas, for example it really soothed my itching nipples postpartum. It’s a hospital bag essential, or a lovely treat to give a friend for their new chapter (it also comes in a perfect travel size).

New Routines

For me, adjusting to new routines, especially with sleep, has been a learning process. For example, I found I had less time to shower in the early days so Luna Daily’s unique Spray-To-Wipe became a great instant refresh. Simply spray directly onto skin or onto toilet tissue and it’s a perfect alternative to throwaway wipes (and much quicker than a shower!). 

A New Mind

For me and many other mothers, the transition to motherhood can be lonely. Some women can feel pressured to be the perfect mother and often compare themselves to others on social media. Don’t fall for those filters - we are only helping each other by staying open and honest about the good, and the challenging bits about being a mother. Making soon-to-be mums in your circle feel heard goes a long way. 

In a nice change from our parent’s years, there are now many groups that enable connection between local Mums, often experiencing the same feelings and routine changes. Peanut on the app store, or Mums Meet Up are great places to find people moving through a similar life stage. 

If you’d prefer to talk to a professional, reach out to your GP or health visitor. Your health visitor is a qualified nurse or midwife who has had extra training to help you, your family and your new baby stay healthy. In the UK, your local Sure Start Children's Centre is also a good option for free family health and support services from birth to 5 years.

New Hormones

It’s nice to be conscious of new hormonal changes in the weeks following childbirth. Hormones will be returning to more regular levels, which for some, may mean sensitive and potentially dry skin. I loved soothing products like The Fragrance-Free Spray-To-Wipe. The ultimate product for new mums, this spray has [HYDRA-BIOME+™] complex with Thermal Water, Prebiotics, Vitamins A, E, F & C plus aloe vera and coconut oil to bring relief and a soothing sensation, even to your perineum. Spray directly onto skin for an instant cooling effect or transform tissue into a skin-friendly biodegradable eco-wipe (one bottle holds the equivalent of 300 wipes). 

New Experiences

After giving birth, our bodies are flooded with a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “bonding hormone”. Oxytocin is thought to drive attraction and caregiving, helping to create a connection between mum and little one. This bond can be felt differently with different mums - it’s important not to compare experiences, but do enjoy the warm feelings it may bring. 

During this time it’s nice to keep any fragranced products to a minimum, so the baby can get to know a mother’s natural scent. A lot of drugstore shower gels can have overwhelming perfumes. Instead, opt for the Luna Daily Fragrance-Free Everywhere Wash which is totally fragrance-free, and helps to hydrate your skin while being ultra-gentle on those sorer spots. 

To all the mothers:

You are doing an amazing job. It's okay to ask for help, take a break, and put your needs first. You deserve to be celebrated, loved, and supported. We’ve got this!

To all the friends:

Friendship can be such a beautiful support during this changing time, on behalf of all new mums, thank-you for helping us feel loved and supported.

The Luna-Daily bundle for Mums

At Luna Daily, we’re here to help new Mums navigate this new stage of life, and make sure they have the right products to make them feel soothed. The Fragrance-Free Kit is the ultimate bundle for sensitive, pregnancy and post-birth skin, made up of 3 of the best sellers that were created to help nourish and protect your skin. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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*clinical user trial - 102 women of all ages, stages and skin-types.


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