Let's talk more about menopause

For too long, women have felt embarrassment and confusion at every stage of womanhood and although more than half the population will go through the natural transition of menopause 2 in 3 women are blindsided by the symptoms* and 61% say their symptoms have had a ‘massive impact’ on their lives including 55% with dry, painful skin.*

This stage of women's lives is often feared, yet for many women experiencing it for themselves, it's the stage they feel the most empowered with a lifetime of wisdom and the confidence to embrace themselves. 

Our mission is to make conversations about womanhood natural for women of ALL ages and stages, not waiting for when women enter the menopause but to bring these important topics into daily conversations at every age.  

So, what can you start doing today? 

1. Have a conversation

It’s important that women of all ages and stages understand and talk about the menopause, to not only become more informed and empowered themselves but to also support those around you who may be entering into it or going through it.

We encourage mothers to talk to daughters and sons, children to ask their parents, friends, siblings and all people to have the conversations together as we can all learn so much from each other. 

at Luna Daily, we're here to start the conversations so you can chat to us on live chat or DM.

2.  Learn about the symptoms 

For many women the menopause can hit unexpectedly and 2 in 3 perimenopausal women feel unprepared or blindsided by it and 1 in 2 admitted they didn’t know what was happening to them.* No one has the same experience but if we are educated and aware of the 48 symptoms, we can understand our own bodies, feel more connected to ourselves, less afraid of the future and understand how to get support for ourselves or offer advice and support to those around us going through it. 

You can learn more about the 48 symptoms of menopause at GenM https://gen-m.com/symptoms/ 

3. Ask an expert 

For too long, the topic of the menopause has been taboo and as a result, many women have questions they simply don’t know who to ask, or feel embraced to do so. 

If you have a question or just want to chat, you can have your question answered confidentially by an expert  from the Luna Daily collective at luna-daily.com live chat service or DM on instagram. 

We always encourage women to see their GP if they are experiencing any abnormal symptoms or physical and emotional changes. 

4. Speak to your employer  

88% of women have said they would like their workplace to be better set up to support the menopause. Why? Because the menopause affects everyone, either indirectly or directly – from friends, family and work colleagues to suppliers and consumers. 

Your workplace can sign the pledge with GenM and unite with other progressive brands to understand the menopause better and provide valuable support through effective products, services, workplace policies and signposting.

A message from our brand founder...

I am so passionate about our mission that women of all ages and stages need to understand and talk about the menopause, and it’s not something confined to those experiencing it. 

Where Luna Daily is uniquely making a difference is by encouraging conversations and raising awareness between all women, it’s so important we are ALL knowledgable on the menopause to not only understand the symptoms as women but to support those around us.  

Rather than excluding menopausal women, in our new campaign we wanted to include them alongside women at different stages of womanhood, celebrating the journey of womanhood and how much we can all learn from each other, it’s just about starting a conversation.”

Katy Cottam - Luna Daily founder

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