Connecting all women to themselves and each other, naturally

Connecting all women to themselves and each other, naturally


The Luna Daily Collective

Dr. Penelope Law

Leading specialist obstetrics and gynaecologist with over 20 years experience teaching and practicing.

Passionate about progressing women’s health through education and research.


Marta Kinsella

Specialist pelvic health and rehabilitation physiotherapist.
Co-founder of LETO.

Passionate about improving women’s holistic health through treating the Pelvic Floor

Dr. Cheruba Prabakar

US-based board certified OBGYN treating women across a range of conditions from heavy periods to endometriosis, an infertility.

Dr. Prabakar is also a nationally certified menopause practitioner.

Rachael Polowyj

Formulation scientist and academic writer.

Passionate about disrupting categories through bringing new ingredient innovation and formulations to market.

Intimately connecting women all ages, stages and skin types

We wanted to create a campaign which was relatable to all women, irrespective of age or stage, to raise awareness around normalising topics which have for too long been tabboo, and also to encourage women to start a conversation together.

Katy Cottam - Founder

Want to chat, got a question, something else?

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